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A Quick Guide to Safely Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping: Whether you do it occasionally or every night, do it safely 
Edition: Abridged 
Year: 2012 
Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond 
Year: 2019 
ISBN: 1542652898 
ISBN 13: 9781542652896 
Breastfeeding Matters: What We Need to Know About Infant Feeding 
Year: 1985 
ISBN: 0868618101 
ISBN 13: 9780868618104 
Breastfeeding Without Birthing: A Breastfeeding Guide for Mothers through Adoption, Surrogacy, and Other Special Circumstances 
Year: 2013 
ISBN: 193980700X 
ISBN 13: 9781939807007 
How You Can Be Boss of the Bladder: The 'Bedwetting Breakthrough' 
Edition: 2Rev Ed 
Year: 1989 
ISBN: 1877029459 
ISBN 13: 9781877029455 
Manhood: An Action Plan for Changing Men's Lives 
Edition: 3rd Revised edition 
Year: 2002 
ISBN: 1876451203 
ISBN 13: 9781876451202 
Raising a Happy Child 
Year: 2007 
ISBN: 1405320761 
ISBN 13: 9781405320764 
Safe Sleep Space 
Year: 2006 
ISBN: 0977509907 
ISBN 13: 9780977509904 
The Breastfeeding CafĂ©: Mothers Share the Joys, Challenges, and Secrets of Nursing 
Edition: First edition 
Year: 2005 
ISBN: 047206875X 
ISBN 13: 9780472068753 
The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk: Foreword by Martha Sears, RN 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2008 
ISBN: 007159857X 
ISBN 13: 9780071598576